RS Customs Leeds uses only the best Paint Protection Film (PPF). The film is made up of transparent layers made from urethane. The film can be used on all the surfaces of the vehicle to protect the paintwork from things such as debris which can cause stone chips. The film has a top layer which is made from polyurethane/ urethane which heals from things such as minor scratches caused by daily driving. The bottom layer is flexible which is made from acrylic adhesive which helps wrap the vehicle. RS Customs Paint Protection Film (PPF) primarily protects the vehicle from scratches, however it also shields the vehicle from parking situations and road salt which helps keep the vehicle looking pristine for longer. So, what are the top 10 benefits of having Paint Protection Film (PPF) on your Vehicle:

Save Time Washing The Vehicle

Paint Protection Film (PPF) by RS Customs repels dust, dirt, and grim that you pick up when you drive which can save you time when washing as you would just need to wipe the areas instead of giving the vehicle a full vehicle. To further enhance the protection of your vehicle you can add a ceramic coating on top of the Paint Protection Film (PPF). This coating will help protection against things like tree sap, debris, and other environmental factors.

Protection Against Fading

Sunlight over time can cause the paint on your vehicle looking dull. There are certain cases where uneven amount of light on the vehicle can cause shades on the vehicle which can lead to you having to give the car a full respray. Paint Protection Film by RS Customs uses a unique blend of chemicals which help protect the paintwork from harmful UV rays and ensuring the vehicle paint won’t fade.

PPF protects the vehicle from scratches and chips which initially is taken lightly by many as a cosmetic issue however over time they can cause significant issues. Vehicles that are made from metal can start to rust which can obviously spread around the vehicle and cause over issues leading to further costs.

Maintaining the Value of Your Vehicle for Future Sales

When you buy a new car or a used car, you are always thinking of ways of hold the value of your vehicle. There are many ways of doing this including keeping the mileage down and other little things, however one of the main ways of maintaining the value is by keeping the outside condition of the vehicle high. Paint Protection Film will protect the vehicle from any unwanted damages and informing a potential buyer that this film has been applied will encourage a sale.

Preventing Chemical Reactions

During winter, sand and salt are laid on the roads to help melt away ice and snow to ensure you are driving in the safest possible conditions, however the chemicals used when laying this on the roads can be abrasive to paint and other parts of your vehicle. These chemicals over time will cause chipping to the paintwork which eventually turns into rust. RS Customs Paint Protection Film will help protect your vehicle from such damaging chemicals. The film is designed in such a way that it prevents weathering from acidic bird droppings or acid rain.

Saving You Money

When you buy a vehicle, you want to keep the paintwork looking good all the time. Having Paint Protection Film (PPF) on your vehicle pays off over time. Imagine the money you may need to spend time and time again to solve paintwork issues and the logistics in having to be without a vehicle for 3-4 days. Having Paint Protection Film (PPF) installed by RS Customs in Leeds is a one-off process which means you will not need to invest any further money into protecting your vehicle.

Invisible Protection

The RS Customs Paint Protection Film (PPF) installers are highly skilled and have years of experience in installing the film. This skill ensures that when the film is applied to the vehicle it is almost invisible unless someone examines the vehicle closely. This works well on all luxury vehicles. You can however choose to have different coloured PPF installed on your vehicle. You can speak to our team and ask for more information.

Ability To Self-Heal

One of the most amazing aspects of PPF is the ability to self heal. The layers protect vehicle paint and heal the surface level damage preventing destruction through a scratch-resistant urethane coating. The film will self heal when you wash the vehicle with warm water or basically leaving the vehicle under sun light. 

All Makes & Models (Template Based)

RS Customs Paint Protection Film software has been enhanced with all makes and models so no matter if you have a new car or a used vehicle our system will have the ability to cut templates of your vehicle ensuring all the panels you want to protect are done correctly. Having this system in place means we would not need to cut on the body of the vehicle. The software is constantly updated, and all new models are added instantly.

Guaranteed Quality & 10 Year Warranty

RS Customs Paint Protection Film is guaranteed to be resistant to peeling and discolouring to protect the vehicle for a longer time. Most of the Paint Protection Films come with a 10-year warranty. The Paint Protection Film is designed to be applied and removed whenever you like meaning no underlying paintwork will be damaged if applied correctly.

Why Choose RS Customs for Paint Protection Film Installations?

You now know the benefits of having PPF installed on your vehicle, however it is as important to know that the installation must be done at a very high standard. Our team has many years of experience between them and working in a state of art environment alongside using only the best film on the market gives them the perfect environment to apply the Paint Protection Film correctly on your vehicle. For any further information or any general enquiries regarding our services, give us a call today and our team will be happy to assist you.

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